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October 2013
Opening the training centre for distributors in Brasov, Romania

June 2013
Global conference of Enagic in Okinawa
Opening the branch in Portugal

May 2013
Opening the branch in Indonezia

August 2012
Opening the branch in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

July 2012
Opening the branch in Toronto in Canada

May 2012
Opening the branch in Paris
Opening the branch in Rome

March 2012
Opening the branch in Singapore

November 2011
The awards ceremony in Paris for the first time in Europe

September 2011
Opening the branch in Florida

August 2011
Enagic has received the certificate of the international water quality Association (WQA/Water Quality Association)

June 2011
Enagic Europe held the first educative and training seminar for distributors in Düsseldorf

May 2011
Donations from the Enagic branches in the USA helped to finance the supplies and distribution of mineral water to support victims of the earthquake and tsunami (March) in Japan. 120 000 bottles were sent directly from the USA to the evacuation camps in north-eastern Japan.

Enagic was awarded the brand on an exclusive 8-point distribution model.

April 2011
Enagic launches a collection of gifts from the North American distributors and staff to help victims of the earthquake in eastern Japan

March 2011
The ceremonial opening of the branch in Korea
Opening a service center in Seattle

February 2011
The first global celebration in the company Enagic in November 2010
The first global seminar in Sydney, Australia

October 2010
The first Global Conference in Las Vegas (State of Nevada)
LeveLuk SD501 Platinium model marketing
Opening of the new EnagicShop (website)

August 2010
Launch of a double filter system
Opening the branch in Makati in Philippine

June 2010
Launch of EnagicWebSystem.com

May 2010
Opening the branch in Rome
Opening the branch in Sydney

April 2010
Putting the first portable device LeveLuk to produce Kangen water
Opening the branch in Dallas

February 2010
Launch of the new corporate web

November 2009
Marketing the English version of the newsletter member E-Friends

June 2009
Enagic celebrated the 35th anniversary

April 2009
Opening the branch of Enagic Mexiko in Monterrey

March 2009
Establishment of the Enagic Sport System Inc.

October 2008
Enagic created an amateur baseball team

April 2008
Opening of a branch in Düsseldorf/Enagic Europe GmBH

March 2008
Enagic USA bought their own buildings and moved from Gardena to Torrance (California)

June 2007
The race in Osaka gained ISO certificates: ISO 13485 (medical devices), ISO 9001 (quality control), ISO 14001 (environmental management)

September 2006
Putting the model LeveLuk U, this device is installed under the kitchen sink, just a module of the control mode of the water remains on the countertop

June 2006
Opening the branch in Vancouver in Canada

April 2006
Enagic USA received official membership in the American Association of direct sales (DSA)

August 2005
The designation “Kangen Water” is registered as a trademark in the USA

June 2005
Opening the branch in Kowloon in Hongkong

February 2005
Putting the LeveLuk DXII and JRII models

October 2004
Opening the branch in Chicago

September 2004
The beginning of sales of the LeveLuk SD501

June 2004
Opening the branch in New York
Enagic celebrated the 30th anniversary
The beginning of sales of Kangen Ukon Sigma

May 2004
Kangen Ukon is recommended by the Japanese Association for the prevention of geriatric diseases

April 2004
Plant Yanbaru natural ingredients is registered as the FDA (the US Food and Drugs Administration- Office for the control of food and drug administration in the USA)

November 2003
Opening Ceremony of Yanbar Natural resources on the island of Okinawa and the start of production of dietary supplements Ukon

September 2003
Opening the branch in Taiwan
Opening the branch in Honolulu in Hawaii

June 2003
Product line has been extended to LeveLuk Super 501 and the water system for domestic swimming Anespa
Opening a branch in Los Angeles

April 2003
Establishment of the supply center (Enagic Supply Center)

January 2003
This year has been called ‘A Global Year One’. It is the beginning of international cooperation
Opening of Enagic USA Inc.

August 2002
Launch of Enagic Services Division primarily for customer service, service and maintenance

April 2002
Devices for producing Kangen water series LeveLuk are recommended by a Japanese Association for the prevention of geriatric diseases

October 2001
The merger with Toyo AITEX business, focusing on production technology of water electrolysis

January 2000
Start of the main product sales of Enagic LeveLuk DX

March 1988
Enagic becomes a specialist in Kangen water with the philosophy of “real health”

May 1987
The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare approves the manufacture of medical devices in the Enagic factory in Osaka

June 1974
Special business division Sony – the predecessor of Enagic, utilizes activities focusing on research and development of new technology for water treatment.

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