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Does Kangen water change when temperature of the water changes?

When warming Kangen water oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) becomes weak and pH decreases.
When cooling the ORP becomes weak but pH remains the same about 1 week.
Can Kangen water be used when taking medicine?
Kangen water is designed for everyday drinking and cooking, not for taking medicine. Use clean filtered water from the device which has a pH of 7 for taking medicine.
The point is that the stomach acids have a pH of 1.8 and medications are prescribed in accordance with this pH. Therefore, we recommend at least 15 minutes before and after taking medicine drink only pure water at pH 7 because Kangen water with pH of 8.5 to 9.5 is structured and can increase the effects of certain drugs.
How long does the water stored in containers last?
Kangen water and pure water from the device LeveLuk should be drunk and used always fresh because each day weakens their effects. Keep this water in the refrigerator up to a week.
Water used for household, including cosmetic acidic water, strongly acidic disinfectant water and highly alkaline water require less care. We recommend storing them one week top. If you want to keep them, use an opaque container, fill it to the brim, to avoid unnecessary contact with the air and store it in a cool dark place (ideally the fridge).
How to start drinking Kangen water?
We recommend you to start drinking Kangen water with a pH of 8.5 to get the body accustomed to it. After 2 weeks of regular drinking of water with pH of 8.5 switch to the Kangen water with pH of 9 and later at pH of 9.5.
You should drink Kangen water as fresh as possible, preferably directly from the device because every day weakens its antioxidant effects. Other features remain stable over time.
Can infants drink Kangen water?

In the case of infants (under one year) it is recommended to drink clean water from a neutral instrument, which has a pH of 7. Bowel movements of infants differ from adults because they drink only breast milk or other milk.

When a child starts eating more sophisticated food then as adults it can start drinking ionized Kangen water. In any case Kangen water should not be used for drinking or for the preparation of milk from milk powder for infants, instead, you should use only Clean water which is neutral.

Why is not Kangen water packed?

Because the unique properties of Kangen water will last for approximately 2-3 days, then antioxidant potential of water decreases. It should therefore be drunk fresh, directly from the device. It is also environmentally friendly because plastics are filling landfills around the world. Did you know that in the EU in 2011 only 51% plastics were recycled?
How is alkaline Kangen water produced in LeveLuk?

Kangen water is produced with tap water by electrolysis in the device. Drinking tap water allows this because it is naturally mineral as it contains minerals of magnesium ions (Mg), calcium (Ca) and sodium (Na). Thanks to the minerals in the water electrolysis can run which splits water into alkaline Kangen water and acidic water.
How does electrolysis of water runs?
Tap water flows through a series of electrodes in the presence of minerals which provide chemical charge, through which passes an electric current. (If these ions are not present in the water, e.g. during reverse osmosis, electrolysis is not possible, therefore, such water is called “dead water”).

The electrodes are positively and negatively charged.
When the ionizer using electrolysis brings to the water slight electrical charge, water separates into alkaline, alkaline (OH¯) and acidic (H+) water.
Electrolysis is thus structuring the water by ionization. Such water is also called ionized water or structured.
Alkaline water is rich in active hydrogen, or more precisely hydrogen gas (H₂) and hydroxyl ions (OH¯).

It has reductive ability, it is alkaline. It binds harmful free radicals, that is neutralizes them. It is the electron donor.
Chemical reaction at the cathode (negative electrode) is as follows:
4 H₂O + 4 elektróny = 2H₂ + 4 OH¯

Acid water is rich in active oxygen (O₂, gas) and hydrogen ions (H+). It has oxidisability, causing oxidation.
Chemical reaction at the anode (positive electrode) is as follows:
2H₂O = O₂ + 4H+ + 4 electrons
Does acidic stomach environment neutralises alkaline Kangen water?

It seems like a logical conclusion but it is not so. The normal physiology is that the stomach is not always an acidic environment. Hydrochloric acid is released from the parietal cells lining the stomach in response to the presence of the protein and the mechanical stretching of the stomach. Water, same as alcohol, is absorbed directly through the gastric mucosa without stimulating the release of hydrochloric acid. Therefore, if a person drinks alkaline water before meals when the stomach is empty, neutral, it is quickly absorbed and it circulates throughout the body.

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