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WQA Gold Seal Award

WQAgoldsealKangen water ionizers are the only water ionizers in the world to receive the Gold Seal certification award from the WQA.

The Water Quality Association(WQA) is one of the most reputable non-profit trade associations in the world and the WQA Gold Seal Certificate is a highly recognized and prestigious award only presented to the most reliable and trusted manufacturers of quality drinking water.

Used as a Medical Device in lots of Hospitals in Japan.


ISO 13485 – Proof of licensing of Medical Device
ISO 13485 – Proof of licensing of Medical Device
Kangen water machines are approved by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare and has supplied ionized water to many hospitals in Japan for over 40 years.

In fact, it is the only water ionizer in the market to supply ionized alkaline and acidic water for heavy duty and critical use in hundreds of hospitals and thousands of restaurants.
Kangen Water used in Japan Hospitals

What Doctors Are Saying About Kangen Water

“Kangen water is considered the best water for drinking because of its unparalleled powers of hydration, detoxification, and anti-oxidation.“
– Dr. Hiromi Shinya, Author, The Enzyme Factor – Pg 159


Dr Shinya has performed over 370,000 colonoscopies and is the Clinical Professor of Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine & Chief of the Endoscopy Unit of Beth Israel Hospital in New York.

“A glass of Kangen Water has greater antioxidant capacity than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I bought a Kangen machine for my clinic and started giving them out to my patients. The following day, patients were coming in to get more water and they were even bringing in their friends and families.

I asked them what they were noticing – everything from reducing their intake of insulin for diabetes, having less pain, and having better sleep. The results were absolutely phenomenal.” – Dr. Dave Carpenter

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